Danceable Matters of the Heart

September 28th, 2012

Twin Shadow – Webster Hall – September 27, 2012

Musician George Lewis Jr., who performs under the moniker Twin Shadow, certainly has a lot to say about love and its many bewitching powers. And while Twin Shadow may be preoccupied by matters of the heart, fortunately for the sold-out crowd at Webster Hall last night, Lewis chooses to croon about his feelings over some intensely catchy pop beats—like a series of danceable diary entries. As colorful geometric-patterned video projections provided a backdrop, the band performed a smattering of romance-fixated songs from their aptly titled new record, Confess, including “Beg for the Night” (“When this love starts / Won’t hurt anymore”), “Five Seconds” (“Five seconds in your heart / Straight to your heart / I can’t get to your heart”) and “Run My Heart” (“You don’t run my heart…I’m not in love”).

While Lewis laid his heart on the line, the densely packed crowd danced, clapped and sang along in approval. And with hints of an ’80s New Wave sound rippling through some of Twin Shadow’s material, they do not stray from exploring a range of musical territory. “At My Heels” was bright and eclectic, featuring Lewis singing some surreal musings on ghosts, while “I Don’t Care” had a dark pop bravado and with a few tweaks, could perhaps be a very believable Justin Timberlake hit.

Despite matching the power of his sentiments with equally powerful rhythms, during the shows’ encore, Lewis returned to the stage with just his guitar, the band hanging back momentarily. He proceeded to perform a slow, stark rendition of “The One” (“So I’m putting all my love / On the one, the one who’s always there”), stripped of the Culture Club–style bounce of the album version. Providing a solid showcase for Lewis’ smooth vocals, it was also a chance to let the lyrics speak for themselves, and a brief respite from the show’s sweaty dance marathon. —Alena Kastin

Photos courtesy of Diana Wong |