Buke and Gase Play the Late Show at Mercury Lounge Tomorrow

October 11th, 2012

Not only are Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez talented musicians, but they also created the instruments they play as part of their experimental duo, Buke and Gase (formerly Buke and Gass). Dyer, the singer, had “some form of carpel tunnel in my wrist that was aggravated by a normal-size instrument,” so she created her buke by taking “a crappy baritone ukulele” and turning it into a six-string. Not to be outdone, Sanchez’s gase “started out as an over-achieving bass, desiring to move up out of the low end. Now it’s starting to find itself somewhere between a bass and a guitar without really being either.” The current iteration has six strings—four for the guitar and two for the bass. Despite having just two people, this Brooklyn band makes a lot of noise, which you can discover on their self-titled EP, 2010’s full-length, Riposte, and their recently released EP, Function Falls (stream it below). Watch Buke and Gase, above, playing “Your Face Left Before You” for Time Out New York, and go see them play the late show tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge.