Freelance Whales Play Webster Hall Tomorrow Night

November 6th, 2012

Like many before him, singer and multi-instrumentalist Judah Dadone placed a Craigslist ad in the hopes of forming a band. But in his case, it actually worked: Dadone was joined by four more multi-instrumentalists, Doris Cellar, Chuck Criss, Jacob Hyman and Kevin Read, and Freelance Whales were born in Queens. But how does an unknown band seek out an audience? By taking it to the streets. They played their folk-inspired pop tunes outdoors, on subway platforms and anywhere else possible. Their first official show was at an abandoned farm colony in Staten Island. Once the group had enough original material, they self-released their debut album, the well-received Weathervanes. And with that LP—and one of its songs, “Generator 1st Floor,” serving as the soundtrack to a Twitter ad—things began to pick up for Freelance Whales (above, playing “Spitting Image” at this year’s Austin City Limits), as they garnered enough attention to get picked up by a label and then set out on the road. Well now they’re back with their follow-up album, Diluvia (stream it below), of which A.V. Club says, “By album two they’ve developed a distinctive sound from their corner of the synth-folk universe, and they’ve done it while expanding their palette.” Last week’s show was postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. So see them tomorrow night at Webster Hall. Not only will all 11/1 tickets be honored, but $2 from each ticket sold will go toward the Mayor’s Fund to Advance NYC Hurricane Relief Effort.