Black Moth Super Rainbow Play Tonight and Tomorrow

December 5th, 2012

If you try to read up on Black Moth Super Rainbow, one of the first things you’ll discover is the word enigmatic. It seems the experimental band’s five members—Tobacco (vocals and vocoder), Bullsmear (bass), Ryan Graveface (guitar), Iffernaut (drums) and the Seven Fields of Aphelion (keys)—don’t want people to know too much about them. But one thing’s for sure: With Tobacco’s menacing vocals (according to Pitchfork, “the band’s demon-throated frontman has mastered the art of sounding sinister”), difficult-to-decipher lyrics and vocoder-led, psychedelic electronic music, Black Moth Super Rainbow (above, playing “Melt Me” for Scrapple.TV) don’t sound like anybody else. This again has proved to be true on the their fifth album, Cobra Juicy (stream it below), released earlier this fall. But the Pittsburgh band isn’t just about the studio. No, they’re also known for their engaging live shows, and you can see them tonight at The Bowery Ballroom and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg.