Exclusive Video: Jonny Fritz Walks the Streets

December 14th, 2012

Jonny Fritz—formerly Jonny Corndawg—was destined to become a country singer. Growing up in rural Virginia, he developed a clever sense of humor and the ability to be crass without being insulting. As a result, his music is more outlaw country, in the vein of Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and David Allan Coe, a distant cousin. The Oxford American calls his 2011 release, Down on the Bikini Line, a “mix of plucky guitars, clean drumming and honky-tonk humor that he’s perfected in live performances.” And while walking along Houston Street, he performs one of its songs, “Chevy Beretta,” with Josh Hedley, exclusively for The Bowery Presents Live.

Fritz also talked to us about how country music flows from the South and that he writes that kind of music as a result of always listening to it. Watch the interview: Check out his performance of “Ain’t It Your Birthday”: And subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live to see more cool performances and revealing interviews like these, plus the latest info on our upcoming live-streaming shows.