Spend Friday Night with Sonnymoon

December 20th, 2012

Sonnymoon began as a duo in Boston with producer Dane Orr and vocalist Anna Wise. They were interested in a variety of genres, including electro-pop, reggae and R&B. And when they eventually wanted to expand their sound, the duo added multi-instrumentalist Tyler Randall and drummer Joe Welch to the mix. The band’s self-titled debut LP (stream it below) came out earlier this year. But because of their improvisational ways, Sonnymoon don’t just stick to the recorded versions of their music when playing live. Says Orr: “We like to use the term experimental because that really describes our process. I think that we are open to whatever is gonna come from the four of us when we’re creating and playing.” Experience that for yourself at the late show tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge.