The Soft Moon Play the Late Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

January 7th, 2013

Making experimental-guitar pop punk, the Soft Moon began as Luis Vasquez’s side project more than three years ago. It started with a couple of singles and then a self-titled LP and an EP, earning heady comparisons to the likes of Joy Division. Pitchfork said the music draws “from the coldest, most metallic zeniths of post-punk and industrial rock.” The material is the product of Vasquez—“I’m Cuban, so I grew up with a lot of Afro-Cuban funk”—and his surroundings—“There are no straight lines in San Francisco.” But while
it’s a one-man band when it comes to recorded material, live, the Soft Moon (above, doing “We Are We”) are a four-piece, with bassist Justin Anastasi, drummer Keven Tecon and synth player Damon Way joining frontman Vasquez, plus Ron Robinson working the visuals. See for yourself live and in person just how well the band balances what you see and what you hear when on the strength of their newest, Zeros (stream it below), they play the late show at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.