Two Nights of Christopher Owens at The Bowery Ballroom

January 18th, 2013

Make no mistake, Christopher Owens has led an interesting life. He spent much of his childhood traveling, as a member of Children of God, before finding his way to Amarillo, Texas, as a 16-year-old and then later making a home in San Francisco. It was there that he paired up with JR White to form Girls and make reverb-drenched ethereal pop music. But last summer Owens announced he was leaving the band to do his own thing, which turned out to be his solo debut, Lysandre (stream it below). As the LP is named after a French girl Owens once fell in love with several years ago, it should be no surprise that it’s filled with ambitious, intimate, revealing songs. “There’s a certain amount of storytelling with this album,” Owens tells Spiritualized frontman J. Spaceman in Interview, “and I felt like I had to make it quite specific to the person and to what actually happened.” Watch him, above, discussing the album and performing for Pitchfork TV and then go see him live at The Bowery Ballroom on Monday and Tuesday.