Exclusive Video: Calexico Play a Song from Their New Album

January 25th, 2013

Emblematic of the California border town from which they take their name, Calexico have long fused together Americana and Latin music to make their own unique sound. And while the group has recorded most of their albums in Tucson, Ariz., they decamped to New Orleans to craft Algiers, their seventh LP, which, according to the AV Club is filled with “strange, sad tales told as sparse vignettes.” Here, Calexico perform one of its singles, “Maybe on Monday,” in a Lower Manhattan studio for The Bowery Presents Live.

While the band plays an instrumental version of “Fortune Teller,” Calexico frontman Joey Burns discusses their writing process being backward, recording their new album in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, and that city’s connection to Havana. Watch the video: And subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live to watch more performances and interviews like these, and the latest info on our next live-streaming show.