Veronica Falls Have a New Album and They Play The Bowery Ballroom

March 7th, 2013

Roxanne Clifford (vocals and guitar) and Patrick Doyle (drums and vocals) had already been in Sexy Kids together by the time they met James Hoare (vocals and guitar), of Your Twenties, at a Comet Gain show. But they struck up a conversation, and with the addition of Marion Herbain (bass), the London-based Veronica Falls were born. The band put out several singles in 2010 before proving to be more than just a few songs with last year’s self-titled debut album, filled with ’80s-influenced pop, dark themes and reverb. And with the recent release of Waiting for Something to Happen (stream it below), Veronica Falls (above, doing “My Heart Beats” for KEXP FM) have avoided the dreaded sophomore slump. And as solid as their recorded material is, this quartet sounds even dirtier live. But you can decide for yourself when they play The Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night.