Efterklang Close Out North American Tour at The Bowery Ballroom

March 25th, 2013

Efterklang – The Bowery Ballroom – March 23, 2013

Efterklang get around. The Danish band formed in Copenhagen and now call Berlin home, but the lads traveled to a ghost town in the far reaches of Russia to record their latest, Piramida. They’ve performed with the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Wordless Music Orchestra at Lincoln Center. And although the band canceled last Thursday’s show in Toronto due to lead singer Casper Clausen’s illness, they wouldn’t pass up the final show of their North American tour at the sold-out Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night.

As the group’s six members took the stage, Clausen was last to join, donning a bow tie and a smart salmon-colored blazer. One surprisingly missing accessory was the frontman’s recently shorn mustache. Appearances aside, Clausen dug right into Efterklang’s latest album, singing “Hollow Mountain,” “Apples” and the slow yet moody “Sedna.” Confessing that guitarist Martyn Heyne and drummer Tatu Rönkkö were playing their inaugural New York City shows, Clausen succinctly stated, “I kinda like New York.” But the city’s love for Efterklang wasn’t in doubt as the audience applauded oldie “I Was Playing Drums,” from the group’s debut, Magic Chairs. Pianist Katinka Fogh Vindelev’s choral-like vocals brightened the night, and even Clausen closed his eyes to take in her ethereal range during “The Living Layer.”

Bassist Rasmus Stolberg shone as well, with his heavy basslines on “The Ghost.” And in a playful moment, Clausen pulled out several scraps of paper, messages he’d gathered while touring NYC. Shedding the bow tie and jacket, the singer fittingly prepared himself for “Black Summer.” The set closed with fan favorite “Modern Drift,”  before the band returned for an encore, playing “Monument” and—joined by members of the opener, Nightlands“Cutting Ice to Snow.” And somewhere along the way, a voice in the crowd exclaimed, “Fucking amazing,” followed by an “I second that” from across the room. Efterklang brought down the house, a fitting conclusion to a most successful tour. —Sharlene Chiu