Red Baraat Will Have You Dancing Tomorrow at Webster Hall

March 28th, 2013

Talented composer and dhol (a double-sided, barrel-shaped North Indian drum) player Sunny Jain founded Red Baraat, a Bhangra band playing a shake-your-ass mix of Punjabi music, Latin beats, jazz, funk and go-go, in 2008. It’s party music and “a crazy blast of fun,” according to NPR: “Imagine a New Orleans street band playing Indian Bollywood tunes with a go-go beat—you can’t? Then just listen, because your day is about to get better.” The Brooklyn nine-piece recently released their second album, Shruggy Ji (stream it below), but the best way to feel the high-energy Red Baraat (above, performing at the Montreal International Jazz Festival) experience is live and in person, which you can do tomorrow night at Webster Hall, as part of their second annual Festival of Colors celebrating Holi, the most celebrated festival in India.