The Black Angels Are a Great Reason to Go Out on a Monday Night

April 8th, 2013

The Black Angels, out of Austin, Texas, have been what Paste Magazine calls the “greatest ambassadors for modern psych rock” since the release of their sinister-sounding debut LP, Passover, back in 2006. Since then, they’ve received plaudits for their let-it-all-hang-out live shows and consistent recorded material. To that end, the Black Angels’ brand new studio album, Indigo Meadow (stream it below), was released just last week. The Washington Post says, “Their fourth album is modern psychedelia, true to the earlier form, with all the weird, hypnotic, fuzzy guitar sounds and dirgelike keyboards, only really well produced.” And with the group shifting from a quintet to a four-piece—Stephanie Bailey (drums and bass), Christian Bland (guitar and vocals), Kyle Hunt (keys and percussion) and Alex Maas (vocals, bass and guitar)—the new stuff has a bit of a new sound with the addition of new instruments, like a flute and harmonium, and band members trading off who plays which. But make no mistake: The Black Angels (above, playing “Young Dead Men” for Rockpalast) still bring it. See them tonight at Webster Hall.