Double Your Pleasure with Two Nights of Flying Lotus at Terminal 5

May 3rd, 2013

Take Flying Lotus beats out of headphones or tinny computer speakers and into a club and they become sometime else entirely. On recordings, he is the manufacturer behind chilled-out and jazzy shape-shifting beats. But played live in a jam-packed venue, before a screen with mind-altering visuals and the bass turned up so high that it’s felt in the knees, and you have an almost unfamiliar experience. It’s like comparing a wild tiger to one in the zoo—the setting changes the music in a fundamental way. His natural habitat is the club, where beats can roam free, bouncing off every corner of the venue and sweeping up an audience in the process. So do yourself a favor and step into that natural habit to see Flying Lotus—along with Ultraísta and Thundercat (with a band)—not once but twice: Sunday and Monday at Terminal 5. —Dan Rickershauser