A Dance Party Not to Miss Tonight at Terminal 5

May 8th, 2013

Julian Hamilton (vocals and keys) and Kim Moyes (drums and keys) met while studying classical music in early ’90s Sydney, but it was their common love of ’80s pop that cemented their bond. Initially the two joined an experimental, instrumental electronic group with other members, but when they wanted to remix a track with “harder electronic edges” on their own, they did it under the name the Presets. As a duo, they began recording demos, which gained the attention of some Australian labels. And after releasing the electro-house-filled EP Blow Up in 2004, Hamilton and Moyes started playing live shows. Since then the Presets (above, doing “Ghosts” live) have put out three high-caliber electronic dance-punk albums—plus a host of singles and remixes—including last year’s Pacifica (stream it below) and continue to get people moving everywhere they go.

The electro-pop band Dragonette is a family affair, formed by singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara and bassist Dan Kurtz, now her husband—they’ve since added drummer Joel Stouffer to complete their sound. The Toronto group has also put out three albums, these of the stylish, glam variety, including last September’s dance-worthy Bodyparts (stream it below). And tonight at Terminal 5, you can shake it all night long with the Presets, Dragonette (above, playing “Live in This City” for Studio Q) and the L.A. DJ duo Classixx. Do yourself a favor and head straight to the dance floor.