Ween Frontman Aaron Freeman Plays Music Hall of Williamsburg

May 9th, 2013

There’s a pretty good chance his voice will sound familiar even if his name doesn’t. And that’s because most people know Aaron Freeman as Gene Ween, frontman to the much-loved-but-now-gone alt-rockers Ween. But even before the band’s demise, Freeman had begun playing solo shows. So it should come as surprise that he finally recorded a solo album under his own name (although he’d released a Gene Ween album back in 1987). Marvelous Clouds (stream it below), filled with 12 covers of pop poet Roc McKuen songs, came out last year. AllMusic says it “achieves the near impossible, sounding like both a totally logical continuation of his band of the previous two decades, Ween, as well as a massive and legitimate musical step forward.” And with more than two decades of stage experience, you just know that Freeman (above, doing “Object” in studio at WNRN FM in Central Virginia) brings it every night. Even better, he also brings Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz with him. See them tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.