Pure X Celebrate New Release Tonight at Mercury Lounge

May 14th, 2013

Guitarist and vocalist Nate Grace, bassist Jesse Jenkins and drummer Austin Youngblood, who’d originally met in college, began jamming together in Austin, Texas, just a few years ago. They took the name Pure Ecstasy, but when they found out another band had already claimed it, they switched to Pure X. As Grace says, “I like Pure X. Pure ‘blank’ is how like to think of it.” The trio became known for their crunchy guitars and atmospheric noise rock. And after releasing several singles, their debut full-length, Pleasure, recorded live in the studio, came out in 2011. In praising it, Pitchfork said the album is “like grunge for beachcombers or shoegaze for people happy to be alive.” But before the next album arrived, the guys in the band had to deal with life, things like serious injuries, breakups and money problems. Borne from that is their darker follow-up, Crawling Up the Stairs (stream it below), out today. And tonight at Mercury Lounge, Pure X celebrate their new release live and onstage. Titus Andronicus guitarist Andrew Cedermark gets the party started, a record-release party presented by Dog Gone Blog.