With New Tunes, the Baptist Generals Play Mercury Lounge Tonight

June 6th, 2013

It’s been a natural progression for the Baptist Generals. They started out playing on the streets of Denton, Texas, for beer money and then moved on to performing at house parties before finally graduating to clubs—first across Texas, then the country and, finally, the world. The lineup has changed over the years, with frontman Chris Flemmons surrounded by a rotating cast of musicians, but the band’s engaging, lo-fi acoustic-rock sound has remained constant. The first Baptist Generals (above, playing “The Dog That Bit You” in studio for KXT FM in North Texas) album, No Silver/No Gold, won praise and comparisons to Roky Erickson when it came out in 2003. But then … nothing. Sure, the band continued to tour and work on new material, but the new stuff never saw daylight. That is until now. Their long-awaited follow-up album, the terrific Jackleg Devotional to the Heart (stream it below), came out a few weeks ago, and the Baptist Generals play the late show tonight at Mercury Lounge.