Two Nights of Rogue Wave (Plus Caveman) This Weekend

June 21st, 2013

Like a lot of people, Zach Schwartz (d/b/a Zach Rogue) lost his dot-com job in 2002. But rather than wallowing in misery, he saw it as an opportunity. So he left Northern California to record music with friends in New York City. And by the time he returned to the West Coast, he had enough material to fill out the first Rogue Wave album, 2004’s Out of the Shadow, praised by Pitchfork for reflecting “both a lush, sunny ‘California Dreamin’’ temperament and Gotham’s grimy, melancholic disposition.” But despite writing and recording the LP by himself, Schwartz wasn’t looking for his new endeavor to be a solo act, so he sought out likeminded musicians on Craigslist to perform the material live. Other than drummer Patrick Sturgeon, the rest of the lineup has been a bit of a revolving door over the years. Masanori Christianson (bass), Rob Easson (synths and guitar) and Dan Iead (guitar and vocals) came aboard for the newest album, the recently released Nightingale Floors (stream it below). And now Rogue Wave (above, playing “Used to It” for Pandora Whiteboard Sessions) are out on the road, which brings them to New York City this weekend for two shows, with local favorites Caveman, tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg and tomorrow at The Bowery Ballroom.