The Bowery Ballroom Hosts US Air Guitar Semifinals Tonight

July 2nd, 2013

Come on, fess up: You’ve done it alone in the privacy of your own home. We all have. But there have been times when, despite your self-restraint, you just couldn’t not do that most intimate of private things in public—playing the air guitar, that is. A song comes on and you find yourself just absolutely shredding. Well, you’re not alone. US Air Guitar has been gathering the finest air guitarists in the land to compete for the US Air Guitar National Final in Los Angeles on 8/17. And tonight The Bowery Ballroom hosts the Northeast Air Guitar Semifinals. The winner of the US Final will advance to the Air Guitar World Championship, held in Finland later this year. And tonight’s semifinals will be judged by Saturday Night Live’s Aidy Bryant and stand-up comedian Alex Koll. So watch the video above to know what to expect, and come out tonight to root on your favorites!