Spend a Sultry Sunday with inc. at Music Hall of Williamsburg

July 12th, 2013

Brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged formed inc. (originally Teen Inc.) three years ago in L.A. Thanks to their blues, funk, gospel, jazz and rock influences, their brand of R&B doesn’t sound like your typical R&B. So when Daniel says, “It’s undeniably the language we speak, but we’re trying to transcend that language,” it makes sense rather than sounding boastful. Two years ago, on the strength of their three-song EP, 3, inc. (above, performing “Black Wings”) recorded with and toured the country alongside the likes of Beck, Cee Lo Green and Raphael Saadiq. Earlier this year they returned with their first full-length, the slow and sultry No World (stream it below), which has won over many, including Deepak Chopra. Find out why when they play Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night.