Kick Off Your Weekend with Wild Cub Tomorrow Night

August 8th, 2013

Singer-songwriter (and film composer) Keegan DeWitt teamed up with another Nashville musician, multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, to form Wild Cub early in 2012. Their debut album, Youth (stream it below), came out about a year ago. Paste magazine dubbed it the “perfect soundtrack for driving late on summer nights,” going on to say the two create “infectious, intricate electro-pop that blends ’80s beats with synths worth of the aughts.” And despite the album being recorded in DeWitt’s home studio, remarkably, there’s no DIY lo-fi sound—it’s all high fidelity. “It was important to figure out a way to make everything feel authentic, almost like a diary entry or a shoebox of pictures,” DeWitt tells MTV Hive. Since the album’s release, Wild Cub (above, performing “Thunder Clatter” in studio for KEXP FM) have moved toward a bigger, fuller sound, adding Dabney Morris on drums, Harry West on bass and Eric Wilson on keys. See—and hear—how it plays out onstage tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom.