Join the Dance Party with STRFKR Tomorrow Night at Terminal 5

September 6th, 2013

Accurately describing what Starfucker sound like requires some hyphens. The Portland, Ore., quartet, often known by the SFW variation STRFKR, could be called psych-pop, electro-rock, indie-glam and disco-funk. You might even say there are subtle hints of chillwave in there. But, then, this may be getting too specific. So long as you mumble fun and dance somewhere in your description, that’s really good enough. Starfucker (above, performing “While I’m Alive” in studio for KEXP FM) know when they’re onto something catchy, wringing every last groove out of a song’s hook like it’s a wet sponge. Stream their newest, Miracle Mile, below, to get an idea of what we’re talking about. Paste calls it “one of the prettiest party records you’ll hear this year.” Of course, the best way to experience party music is live and in person. And onstage, Starfucker liberally apply synths on top of synths until the hooks work their way into every last brain in the venue, collectively drowning them in pleasure molecules. Find out for yourself tomorrow night at Terminal 5. —Dan Rickershauser