Get a Dreamy Start to Your Weekend with Houses at Mercury Lounge

September 12th, 2013

Although they’re each originally from Chicago, Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messina began channeling what would become their dream-pop project Houses while living off the land in Hawaii for three months. Their dreamy, electronic debut, All Night (stream it below), was released just before Thanksgiving 2010. In praising the full-length, Consequence of Sound said it’s “the quintessential ambient electronic album—which makes it all the more surprising that it manages to feel so fresh and revitalizing.” This past spring, Houses (above, their video for “The Beauty Surrounds”) released their ethereal follow-up, A Quiet Darkness (stream it below), filled with songs “that exist to calmly fill a void in a quiet darkness, sounding both dreamy and spacey and embodying the meaning behind the title’s words to an ideal degree,” according to Pop Matters. Tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge, you can see Houses play the late show. And as an added bonus, don’t miss Jamaican Queens and Modern Merchant.