Glass Candy and Chromatics Will Have You Dancing at Terminal 5

September 13th, 2013

Since Ida No (vocals) and Johnny Jewel (guitar, synths and production) formed Glass Candy (above, doing “Candy Castle”) in Portland, Ore., back in ’96, their synth pop has gone from punk- and glam-tinged to being fueled by disco, electro and R&B. The two
have released three LPs, the most recent being 2007’s B/E/A/T/B/O/X (stream it below), which AllMusic calls a “freewheeling electronic pop album that’s goofy and glamorous in roughly equal measure.”

Jewel also happens to be involved with another electronic project—alongside Adam Miller (guitar and vocoder), Ruth Radelet (vocals and synths) and Nat Walker (drums)—called Chromatics (above, performing “In the City”). The quartet’s well-received fourth album, Kill for Love (stream it below), came out last year, earning Pitchfork’s Best New Music designation. Glass Candy and Chromatics share a label, Italians Do It Better, and their music is complementary. So it makes complete sense that both West Coast bands would come our way to leave it all onstage tonight at Terminal 5.