Catch Brooklyn’s Savoire Adore Tomorrow in Williamsburg

September 20th, 2013

As Savoire Adore, Brooklyn’s Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro make what they call “fantasty rock.” Their first LP, In the Wooded Forest, came out in 2009, and NME noted it for being “musically and lyrically brave.” And although Hammer and Muro recorded it as a duo, they played the music live with three other musicians. Earlier this year, Savoir Adore (above, doing “Regalia” for WFUV FM) released their follow-up album, Our Nature (stream it below). And in labeling the material “excellent,” Sputnik Music notes it for being “startlingly cohesive throughout its runtime, one reticent tune dying to evolve into the jubilant anthem bound to come after.” See them tomorrow night they play Music Hall of Williamsburg with the Suzan and Ski Lodge.