A Little Sunday Music

September 30th, 2013

The Dodos – Music Hall of Williamsburg – September 29, 2013

Hearing live music on a Sunday night is a real treat, and a double bill of San Francisco’s the Dodos and guitarist Dustin Wong didn’t fail to disappoint last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. These two talented acts are currently touring the U.S., and the pairing provides a unique mixture of indie rock and instrumental music. Wong does wonders with just a guitar and a few pedals, creating music that instantly infiltrates your ears with layered loops and seamless transitions. The music builds slowly and harmoniously, coming across especially well in a live setting. Wong finished his set grinning ear to ear and thanked the crowd profusely before the Dodos made their way to the stage.

Meric Long, Logan Kroeber and Joe Haege launched straight into “Confidence,” a minimalistic single off the Dodos’ fifth studio album, Carrier. “Substance” and “Black Night” followed with lilting guitar, heartfelt lyrics and frenetic drumbeats. The well-rehearsed band, even down to the subtle dance moves, had the audience bouncing up and down from the outset. They gratefully thanked the audience members who had seen them play the first time they came to New York City back in 2011 when they opened for the New Pornographers. The trio also dedicated “Good” to “everyone who skipped Breaking Bad tonight.” (Earlier this week, the Dodos tweeted about how their set times would be pushed back due to the series finale of the hit AMC show.) For a brief encore, they played a dance-inducing version of “Fools,” leaving our hearts beating as fast as their drumbeats and our minds filled with wistful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. —Schuyler Rooth