Minks Play the Late Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

November 20th, 2013

Their first album, By the Hedge, arrived in 2011. Filled with moody pop, it invited comparisons to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and the Cure. And although Minks is ostensibly Shaun Kilfoyle’s project, he performed the material live as a six-piece. Eventually the band was streamlined into a smaller operation. And when Kilfoyle suffered from writer’s block, he, temporarily at least, left Brooklyn for the quieter environs of the East End of Long Island to record the band’s follow-up, the poppier and more poetic Tides End (stream it below), released in August. Allmusic says the “crisper sound is matched by pithier songwriting” and that the album “takes listeners on a deceptively breezy and surprisingly affecting journey through moments that can’t last.” Now back in New York City, Minks (above, performing “Funeral Song” for Newtown Radio) play the late show tomorrow night at Mercury Lounge.