Guster Celebrate an Anniversary at Brooklyn Bowl

December 2nd, 2013

Guster – Brooklyn Bowl – December 1, 2013

An eager crowd filled Brooklyn Bowl last night to wish Guster a happy anniversary—the anniversary of the recording of their first album, Parachute, that is. Adam Gardner, Ryan Miller, Luke Reynolds and Brian Rosenworcel took the stage, possibly grinning as widely as they did when they played their first-ever headlining set, to uproarious applause. Miller laid out the plan for the night: “We are going to play some of the old songs and some of the new songs and there will even be a costume change!”

Guster opened with “What You Wish For,” an eclectic selection from their extensive library of songs, followed by “Bad Bad World,” off the band’s most recent studio album, Easy Wonderful, and “Ramona,” from 2003’s Keep It Together. Then “Satellite” rang out with booming clarity. “I never get tired of that one!” said Miller, grinning widely before the band launched into “Airport Song.” April Guthrie (cello) and Charlene Huang (violin) strode onstage to join in on “What You Call Love,” “Rise & Shine” and “Two Points for Honesty” and then provided some spot-on string accompaniment throughout the show.

In order to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of Parachute, Guster proceeded to play the entire album in order. “You can scream out the lyrics as we go along!” said Miller encouragingly. The band rarely perform songs from Parachute, thus playing the album in its entirety was quite novel.  The crowd reinstated the quirky tradition of throwing Pixy Stix onstage during “Happy Frappy,” and the band artfully dodged the shower of sugary projectiles. “We’re gonna make a new record in a month,” promised Miller before launching into Parachute’s title song. After nearly two hours, the four-piece played an encore of “Happier” and “Demons.” And it seems like Guster will continue to perform their charming rock music with gusto for years to come. —Schuyler Rooth