We Are Scientists Are Wildly Entertaining

December 4th, 2013

We Are Scientists – Rough Trade NYC – December 3, 2013

Nearly a full week into Rough Trade NYC’s debut as the newest venue in town, and nothing has cooled down. With a wide range of shows already under its belt, the new spot kept flexing its musical reach with a great rock show from We Are Scientists. If the space keeps hosting sets like the one that the local band put on last night, this newborn room will have no problem continuing to fill to capacity. Meanwhile, We Are Scientists have filled bigger venues before and surely will again, so their set was a treat to see.

The New York City trio has been picking up the pace after some time off in between releases, and the intimate Rough Trade NYC proved to be the perfect place for the band to regain their bearings. What has always made them great—hyper-catchy rock choruses, simple rhythms and three-part vocals—were all on display throughout the set. Those talents flourished in most of their songs, but especially during “Dinosaurs,” “After Hours” and “Rules Don’t Stop.”

Singer Keith Murphy’s magnetic voice and stage presence were highlights. But a sense of humor also proved to be a big part of the show, which comes as no surprise considering the hilarious videos the band made for “After Hours” and “Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.” When the music wasn’t flowing, Murphy and bassist Chris Cain filled time with their goofy, offbeat stage banter, covering topics from JFK to critiquing the crowd’s dancing skills to a mid-song “Stairway to Heaven” musical break. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane |