Mikal Cronin Headlines a Terrific Bill at Webster Hall Tomorrow

December 10th, 2013

If you’ve ever listened to the Ty Segall Band then you’ve also heard Mikal Cronin. For years as their bassist, he’s been the impetus for the poppier side of that group, balancing out Ty Segall’s Lennon as the band’s McCartney. But with the release of his second full-length, the much-acclaimed MCII (stream it below), this past spring, Cronin’s now making a name for himself, thanks to his genius at taking a hook and injecting it with a shot of rock and roll steroids, but not before building up some anticipation. He takes two worlds usually foreign to each other and marries them. It’s punk rock with a sunny California twist—perfect pop songs drowned in distorted guitar fuzz, earworm melodies with more and more energy thrown behind them until they almost reach their breaking point. Catch Cronin (above, performing “Shout It Out” in studio for KEXP FM) with a jam-packed lineup, including the Entrance Band, a special guest and House List favorites Nude Beach, tomorrow night at Webster Hall. —Dan Rickershauser