San Fermin and Snowmine Provided a Warm Escape from the Cold

December 13th, 2013

San Fermin/Snowmine – Music Hall of Williamsburg – December 12, 2013

San Fermin

Last night Music Hall of Williamsburg hosted a pair of Brooklyn bands performing some very applause-worthy music. First up, the gentlemen of Snowmine filled our ears with dreamy pysch pop and played lots of new music. They’re releasing a new album called Dialects early next year, and they performed a fair amount of the upcoming LP’s material. But the five-piece opened with a song they’d released in 2011, “Plans,” accompanied by beautiful projections of winter landscapes. Snowmine’s newest single, “Rome,” and excellent renditions of two longtime favorites of mine, “Saucer Eyes” and “Let Me In,” highlighted the set.

Nearly one year to the day after their first gig, San Fermin, a folk-pop band with a delightful team spirit, took the stage for the headlining set. Eight people strong, they function as a single unit onstage, showcasing one another’s talents to the utmost degree. Leader and keyboardist Ellis Ludwig-Leone quietly conducted the set as San Fermin whipped through their repertoire. “Renaissance,” their self-titled debut album’s opening track, kicked off the set, followed by “Crueler Kind.” Vocalist Rae Cassidy’s lilting voice is even better live than it is on the recording, which significantly riled up the audience. “Sonsick” followed and became a sing-along. San Fermin are a razzmatazz orchestra of sorts and an impressive spectacle to behold. They closed with “Daedelus (What We Have)” and played a single cover, “Heart in a Cage” by the Strokes, for their encore before exiting to uproarious applause. It was a pleasure to see a pair of local bands fill a venue to the brim with exceptionally enthusiastic fans. —Schuyler Rooth