Deaf Havana Play Mercury Lounge on Thursday Night

February 11th, 2014

The English group Deaf Havana—James Veck-Gilodi (vocals and guitar), Max Britton (keys and vocals), Chris Pennells (guitar), Tom Ogden (drums and vocals), Matthew Veck-Gilodi (guitar and vocals) and Lee Wilson (bass)—dabble in the heavier side of alternative rock. Think: anthemic punkish pop deftly mixed with post-hardcore vigor. Last September, Deaf Havana (above, performing “Saved”) released their third studio album, Old Souls (stream it below), filled with catchy, sing-along tunes. And thanks to their energetic live show, the six-piece has opened on European dates for Bruce Springsteen and Muse. But you won’t have to travel that far to see them this week because Deaf Havana play Mercury Lounge on Thursday night.