Skaters Celebrate New Album Monday at The Bowery Ballroom

February 21st, 2014

Singer Michael Ian Cummings and drummer Noah Rubin were making music together in Los Angeles as the Dead Trees when they began exchanging demos with guitarist Joshua Hubbard in London. Things began to click, so they met in the middle, New York City, to form Skaters (and the art magazine Yonks). Although no one in the band actually is a skater: “The name just reminds me of my youth and the way I felt listening to music and hanging out with my friends running around the city being a hooligan,” Cummings told the New York Times. The trio became a quartet with the addition of Dan Burke on bass, and the group’s well-received, self-released EP, Schemers—which reveals some of their melodic-punk influences (think: the Cars and Devo)—came out last year. And now Skaters (above, their video for the brand new “Deadbolt”) are set to release their debut LP, Manhattan, on Tuesday. But first you can catch them celebrating the album’s release on Monday at The Bowery Ballroom.