Sondre Lerche Enchanted Baby’s All Right Last Night

February 21st, 2014

Sondre Lerche – Baby’s All Right – February 20, 2014

Baby’s All Right was packed last night as concertgoers streamed in for a night with Sondre Lerche in concert. Matthew Daniel Siskin, of Gambles, provided an opening performance filled with evocative, lyrics-driven music before Lerche and his band took the stage for a set of songs spanning the Norwegian virtuoso’s eclectic repertoire.

First, Lerche debuted a new song called “Violent Game,” followed by “Go Right Ahead” and “Track You Down” as a few audience members piped up and sang along. “Palindromes,” an eerie tune from Leche’s most recent work as a composer for the new film The Sleepwalker, came next, and then “Lucifer,” which will likely be on the singer-songwriter’s next album. Later on, Lerche had almost the entire room singing along for “My Hands Are Shaking.” Another new and somewhat somber song, “At Times,” highlighted his ever-impressive lyrics. “Dead Passengers” and one more new tune called “You Sure Look Swell” closed out the set as the swaying audience softly hummed.

Lerche and his band concluded with an encore of one of his first hits, “Two Way Monologue.” Speaking with him afterward, I learned that Lerche’s new album is due to arrive this coming fall. He treats his music as a sort of enchantment, making it absolutely striking to watch live, and it’s clear that Lerche will continue to weave an intricate net of music defined by wistful lyrics and thrilling melodies. —Schuyler Rooth