A Pair of Great Shows Tonight at Mercury Lounge

February 26th, 2014

There’s a bit of juxtaposition when it comes to the L.A. band Grizfolk. Originally the three members were all strangers, but each of them headed to California independently to make it in the music business. Lead singer and guitarist Adam Roth first teamed up with a pair of Swedish producers, Fredrik Eriksson and Sebastian Fritze, to write songs for other artists. While the Swedes are heavily influenced by electronic music, Roth, originally from the South, is interested in Americana and folk music. Combined, they make s unique but engaging sound they call “tumbleweeds meet turntables.” “Pop can be country, grunge, dance, blues, indie rock, funk, hip-hop—anything and everything—you name it,” says Roth. “But for us, pop isn’t a genre: It’s a way of thinking.” And along those lines, Grizfolk (above, performing “The Struggle” live in studio for KCRW FM’s Morning Becomes Eclectic) put out their catchy debut EP, From the Spark (stream it below), just yesterday. Help them celebrate its release at the early show tonight at Mercury Lounge.

It began as a lark. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Justin Kinkel-Schuster and producer and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bryant met in Mississippi while Kinkel-Schuster’s band was on the road, and they decided to record some songs together just for fun. But when Kinkel-Schuster’s group broke up just a few days later, he decided to move to the Magnolia State to join Bryant, and the guitar-and-drums duo Water Liars was born. Those original recordings eventually became their debut album, Phantom Limb (stream it below). A follow-up, Wyoming (stream it below), arrived last year. And while Water Liars (above, doing “You Work Days I Work Nights” for do512 Lounge Sessions) toured in support of it, they grew sonically and then, ultimately, in size when bassist G.R. Robinson joined the band. Now a trio, they recently released their third album, this one self-titled (stream it below). And they play the late show tonight at Mercury Lounge.