The Preatures Leave Their Mark on Mercury Lounge

March 7th, 2014

The Preatures – Mercury Lounge – March 6, 2014

The Preatures - Mercury Lounge - March 6, 2014
We music fans take so much for granted, like intercontinental air travel and how hard it is to write a great rock song. But Australian five-piece the Preatures seemed to have no problem with either, delivering a high-energy showcase set to a sold-out Mercury Lounge last night, a couple hemispheres away from home. And by sold out I mean there wasn’t really room for even one more body in the room—everyone inside treated to a taste of what very well may be the next big thing with a clever name.

The Preatures’ sound seemed lifted straight out of ’80s radio, a mix of dance rhythms and raunchy rock and roll. There were hooks and harmonies galore, but the spotlight was on lead singer Izzi Manfredi, dressed like she was on her way to the gym in a skintight white top. In fact, the set was like her 40-minute workout filled with bouncing, gyrating and playful, slightly crazed sneering into the audience (and an occasional water-bottle cooler tipped into her hair). But Manfredi’s sound was a melting pot of Chrissie Hynde, Pat Benetar and Katrina, of and the Waves fame.

Still, when given room to breathe on guitar-meets-drums rockers like “Better Than It Ever Could Be,” which sounded like it was born ready for Guitar Hero (do people still play Guitar Hero?), the Preatures displayed plenty of chops to keep up with Manfredi’s manic energy. While the show’s lone slow-down ballad was a cover of the Motels” “Total Control” (“They were big in Australia”), making way for the closing sing-along groover, “Is This How You Feel?” Like the rest of the set, the tune had just enough of this and just enough of that to raise expectations on more long flights and great songs in the near future. —A. Stein

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