Magic Man Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

March 21st, 2014

Magic Man – Mercury Lounge – March 20, 2014

Magic Man – Mercury Lounge – March 20, 2014
A combination of magnetic stage presences, great melodic sense and a whole bunch of industry buzz are just a few reasons why the Boston-based pop-rock band Magic Man headlined their first New York City show last night at Mercury Lounge—the first of what will surely be many. Fronted by tireless performer Alex Caplow, and brimming with dance beats and rock riffs galore, the band led the crowd through an hour-long set of upbeat grooves. What began as a duo years ago, has blossomed into a five-piece force. They swayed between a number of musical styles throughout the set, but the sky is the limit concerning any of those directions they choose to pursue.

It’s always exciting to catch a band at the beginning of their rise. And while the chance for something like that comes around more often than you’d think in this city, it isn’t always easy to recognize while it’s happening. This time, however, it was plainly obvious. Their music was eminently catchy—those in the crowd responded like they’d been seeing the band perform for years—and the band members were profusely humble between songs yet kept the set’s momentum in tact. The proverbial clock is ticking until the chance to see Magic Man play a room as small as the Merc is gone. The talent, personality and songwriting are all there, and they’ve recently linked up with Neon Gold Records (and in turn, Columbia Records), so they’ve got the help. Last night might have been the next big step in making it happen. —Sean O’Kane

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