INVSN Play the Early Show Tomorrow at Mercury Lounge

March 26th, 2014

Dennis Lyxzen might best be known for fronting the Swedish hardcore bands Refused and the (International) Noise Conspiracy, but about 15 years ago he began a folkish (yet still punkish) project called INVSN (pronounced Invasion), channeling the sounds of Echo & the Bunnymen and Joy Division. Well, initially the name was the Lost Patrol Band, but a name change eventually ensued, and what had begun as a one-man band blossomed into a five-piece with a much fuller sound. Last year they released INVSN (stream it below), about which PopMatters, in noting the album’s “passion and beautiful noise,” says, “The big beats and reverb-drenched guitar leads aren’t gimmicks—they’re actually great vehicles for the smart melodies and surprisingly sweet vocals.” See INVSN (above, performing “The Promise”) play the early show at Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.