Yellow Ostrich Close Out Tour Tomorrow at The Bowery Ballroom

April 3rd, 2014

Just as Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon once recorded lo-fi four-track songs in Wisconsin, Yellow Ostrich’s Alex Schaaf (vocals and guitar) did just the same while in college there. Upon relocating to New York City he made even more music, self-releasing much of it for free. But once he began recording experimental rock with the like-minded Michael Tapper (drums), they needed other musicians to flesh out their sound for live performances. Now joined by multi-instrumetnalists Jared van Fleet and Zach Rose, Yellow Ostrich (above, doing “Shades”) have sharpened their sound, and they just put out their third full-length, Cosmos (stream it below), last month. PopMatters says it’s “a well-crafted and well-produced album. It can seamlessly shift from soft floating segments to sections of sudden weight. Opening track ‘Terrors,’ along with the outro to ‘Neon Fists,’ exemplify this perfectly. With the combination of youth, great work ethic and a thirst for experimentation, future releases from Yellow Ostrich might be some of the most exciting stuff in the indie-rock world.” The band has been out on the road following the album’s release, but they return home to close their tour tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom.