New Wave Revivalists the Sounds Play Webster Hall on Thursday

April 8th, 2014

Back in 1998, classmates Maja Ivarsson (vocals), Félix Rodríguez (guitar), Johan Bengtsson (bass) and Fredrik Blond (drums) decided to form a band. Shortly thereafter, the four met Jesper Anderberg (keys and guitar) at a music festival, and the Sounds were officially born. Their debut album, the poppy, synthesizer-heavy Living in America (stream it below), arrived in 2002. The Swedish five-piece has remained busy ever since, touring the world—with such bands as Foo Fighters, the Strokes and Panic! at the Disco—appearing at festivals—like Warped Tour—and continuing to record new music. The Sounds (above, performing “Weekend” live for Rhapsody) put out their fifth full-length, Weekend (stream it below), last fall. AllMusic enthusiastically suggested that it’s a “combination of great songwriting and stylistic dance music cross-pollination that makes the Sounds’ Weekend speed by in a burst of inspired pop euphoria.” See them play Webster Hall on Thursday night. Blondfire and Ghost Beach open the show.