Brooklyn’s Milagres Celebrate New Album at The Bowery Ballroom

April 9th, 2014

Kyle Wilson (vocals and guitar), Fraser McCulloch (bass, keys and vocals) and Eric Schwortz (guitar, percussion and vocals) met at NYU and later teamed up with Steven Leventhal (drums) and Chris Brazee (keys) to form Milagres. Following a mountain-climbing accident, a bed-ridden Wilson penned many of the tunes that would comprise 2011’s Glowing Mouth (stream it below), labeled “a polished, well-arranged album that could find a happy home in countless actions” and “a fully formed, wholly enjoyable collection that sounds more like a matured fourth effort than an initial attempt at a long-player” by BBC Music. Since then, Schwortz has departed and Leventhal was replaced b Paul Payabyab. Milagres (above, performing “Letterbomb” in studio for WFUV FM) have now returned with their follow-up, Violent Light (stream it below), out earlier this year, about which AllMusic says, “They have a big sound and reach for the same stars as stadium-filling veterans like Coldplay and U2, while still retaining their independent sense of artistry. If greater success follows them, treading that line between creativity and audience demand will become harder to do, but for now, Milagres have succeeded in making a unique and ultimately appealing record.” The Brooklyn band returns home from the road to celebrate their new album’s release tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom. Conveyor and Leisure Cruise open the show.