Factory Floor Play Music Hall of Williamsburg Tomorrow Night

April 22nd, 2014

Not too long after forming the post-industrial electronic-rock group Factory Floor in London nearly a decade ago, Dominic Butler (keys, bass and vocals), Gabriel Gurnsey (drums and vocals) and Mark Harris (guitar and percussion)—although Harris was later replaced by Nic Colk (vocals, guitar and samples)—began getting compared to the likes of Joy Division and New Order, thanks to a slew of singles, a pair of EPs and numerous energetic live performances. But since signing with DFA Records in 2011, Factory Floor (above, their video for “How You Say”) have streamlined their music, making it more danceable and winning praise along the way. The trio’s self-titled debut full-length (stream it below) arrived last fall to some considerable acclaim. NME says they “have evolved from steel-splintered noise into demented and minimalist techno. Undoubtedly there’ll be a handful of haters who’ll say something’s been lost from their early years, but they’re wrong.” The magazine adds: “No flash, no fripperies, no fucking about: just three like-minded souls making a nasty racket. Good place to start? It’s hard to think of many better.” Of course, with Factory Floor heading our way, one better place just might be Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow night.