Hellogoodbye Aren’t Like Other Bands

April 24th, 2014

Hellogoodbye – The Bowery Ballroom – April 23, 2014

Last night felt a little weird to finally see Hellogoodbye for the first time considering their career has now spanned more than a decade. Gone are the days when they played massive rooms with the some of the biggest names in pop and pop punk, the days when their videos were all over MTV (hell, gone are the days when MTV even played videos). But last night at The Bowery Ballroom the California quintet was as sharp—and fun—as ever.

Songs like “Finding Something to Do” aptly displayed singer Forrest Kline’s pop sensibilities while also proving that Hellogoodbye are more than just the synth-pop sound that launched them into the early 2000s music scene. Plus, they still have fun: Before the first tune, large bags filled with balloons opened onto the crowd, and Kline occasionally refilled a glass from a bottle of wine atop his keys. Much of the set was comprised of the band’s more recent material, saving the most well known stuff for the encore.

“Oh It Is Love” and “Here (In Your Arms)” spurred a late-night dance party, and despite a few omissions, everyone in the crowd left happy. Besides, the upside of certain songs getting phased out is often that a band has continued to release new music rather than taking a hiatus followed by a “comeback” or planning a “reunion,” like so many other bands have done. And if Hellogoodbye proved anything last night (and over the years), it’s that they’re not like most other bands. —Sean O’Kane