Wye Oak Bring Brand New Material to Webster Hall Tomorrow

May 6th, 2014

Jenn Wasner (vocals and bass) and Andy Stack (drums, keys and vocals) formed the rock duo Wye Oak after returning home to Baltimore from college nearly 10 years ago—the name comes from the gigantic state tree of Maryland. They initially made music as Monarch, but the two moved on to bigger things with the name change and the release of their third full-length, the guitar-centric Civilian (stream it below), which the A.V. Club named the top album of 2011: “Maybe it’s 2011’s darkest album by the band with the brightest future.” Last week, Wye Oak (above, performing “Glory” at this year’s Coachella) returned with their fourth LP, the acclaimed Shriek (stream it below), eschewing guitars (Wasner now plays the bass) for synths. And again the folks at the A.V. Club showed some love: “An album that expresses ‘the nagging thought that I had never lived, or else forget’ ought to inspire Wye Oak to keep on living—guitar or no guitar—especially one this good.” Wasner and Stack are now touring North America in support of their new album, and you can see them tomorrow night at Webster Hall. Braids open the show.