Katie Herzig Comes to The Bowery Ballroom with a New Album

May 7th, 2014

Katie Herzig and some friends formed Newcomers Come, purveyors of bluegrass- and folk-influenced pop—which she ended up fronting—in 1997 while Herzig attended the University of Colorado, but they broke up two years after her own debut album, Watch Them Fall (stream below), came out in 2004. Since then the singer-songwriter ditched the Colorado mountains for the Nashville music scene to go solo, continuing to record and tour ever since. She’s gained even more widespread exposure as a number of her songs have ended up on TV soundtracks with an eye for indie rock, thanks to her voice, which has been compared to Neko Case’s and Ellie Goulding’s, and her personal, quirky tales about life, sad and sweet. Over the years, Herzig (above, her video for “Walk Through Walls”) hasn’t been content to stick with her original lo-fi acoustic sound. She recently said, “I’m always wanting to try new things and as my influences change, so does my music. I love production and I use all the new digital tools to make music, so of course that affects the sound. I still love acoustic music, but I feel like I am always chasing a beast, meaning whatever moves me.” With that said, her newest album, the recently released Walk Through Walls (stream it below), has a decidedly more electronic sound. And you can hear it live tonight at The Bowery Ballroom. Brooklyn’s Elizabeth and the Catapult open the show.