Cass McCombs Returns to Play Music Hall of Williamsburg Thursday

May 20th, 2014

Singer-songwriter Cass McCombs’ calling card is his distinctive voice, both lyrically and aurally. Prior to actually releasing any music, his dark, funny stories earned him a slot touring with one of Will Oldham’s bands and Oxes, which eventually led to McCombs putting out his debut EP, Not the Way (stream it below), in 2002. Two LPs, and stints in the Pacific Northwest, England and Baltimore, followed before he found himself on the road with Modest Mouse. Since then, McCombs (above, doing “Brighter,” “Angel Blood” and “Morning Star” for Triple R Melbourne radio) has relocated to the mellow vibes of California, but he remains as busy as ever. Despite putting out not one but two well-received albums in 2011, Wits End and Humor Risk, the indie-minded troubadour returned last year with a double LP, Big Wheel and Others (stream it below). In a review filled filled with praise, Pitchfork says it “takes root in this fertile soil of Americana, crafting a sprawling cosmology out of its characters from the past two centuries.” Of course, the music is actually a lot more fun than that, especially played live. But don’t take our word for it: Go check out McCombs on Thursday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Endless Boogie open the show.