Ex-Cult Play the Late Show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday

May 20th, 2014

Led by founding members vocalist Chris Shaw and drummer Michael Peery, Ex-Cult combine ’60s noise rock, ’70s post-punk and ’80s hardcore into their own updated garage-punk sound. The Memphis five-piece (above, playing “Don’t Feel Anything” for Rocket Science Audio) released their Ty Segall–produced debut self-titled album (stream it below) in 2012. According to AllMusic, it sounds “tough, nasty and reckless, just like a good punk band should, but an unholy variety of sounds bubbles beneath the surface of the 12 tunes.” Their follow-up, Midnight Passenger (stream it below), arrived last month. And again AllMusic weighed in with praise, saying the second LP “is leaner, fiercer and decisively to the point” and “if Ex-Cult suggested they were one of the best new punk bands in Memphis, Midnight Passenger demonstrates they’ve moved a few notches up the ladder.” See them play the late show at Mercury Lounge on Thursday night.