Daniel Lopatin Dazzles Music Hall as Oneohtrix Point Never

May 27th, 2014

Oneohtrix Point Never – Music Hall of Williambsurg – May 24, 2014

Saturday night’s Oneohtrix Point Never show at Music Hall of Williamsburg was an intense, immersive experience. From behind his array of samplers and synths, OPN mastermind Daniel Lopatin cocooned the crowd in his layered electronic sound, a style that oscillates between drone and ambient and harsh and melodic, along with some touches of rattle-your-bones-level bass. Although watching Lopatin’s sharp focus as he crafted and manipulated his equipment to perform songs from his latest release, R Plus Seven, and other material was fascinating, the sensory experience of the Oneohtrix Point Never live show was further enhanced by the computer-generated video art performed live to complement the ebbs and flows of Lopatin’s sound.

At times the visuals pulsed hypnotically, leaving the room dark for several seconds before projecting a jarring flash of light. During other moments, the images on-screen became a slow journey through a series of abstract rooms and doorways—floating by odd sculptures and figures, an almost CGI-meets–Salvador Dali effect. Like the music, the visuals had a similar ability to entrance and lull, before shocking you out of your dream state. Although listening to Oneohtrix Point Never’s recorded music can be an engrossing, engaging experience on its own, to witness the synergy of sound and visuals during the live performance was a completely unique experience, and a perhaps as close a glimpse as possible at just what the artist may see and hear as he crafts and conceptualizes his singular sound. —Alena Kastin