Two Nights of the Legendary Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall

June 12th, 2014

She is a legend, an icon—an electrifying talent with one of the most famous voices ever recorded—and she was even in The Blues Brothers. She is the Queen of Soul. She is, obviously, Aretha Franklin. You could reel off the number of awards and honors she’s won and list all of her No. 1 singles. But the thing is, for some people there’s a very clear thing they should do in life: Mark Wahlberg was not supposed to rap. Michael Jordan was not supposed to play baseball. But Aretha Franklin was supposed to sing. And, thankfully, she’s still doing it six decades later. So do yourself a favor and go see an honest-to-goodness legend performing live at the plushest room in town, Radio City Music Hall, on Saturday night and Sunday night as part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival.